Content Policy

We work diligently on the nature of the content made by us and are specific about 

the content showed on our application and website. To guarantee reliably and high credibility of the content, we have created a strict content framework, highlights of which are featured underneath. 

1. Multiplicity of Sources: 

A. We check the realities expressed in each summary at any time from at least two sources ensuring their authenticity.

B. Our makers read a few articles on each subject, summarise the basic certainties which develop and afterwards make unique substance for each summary. 

C. This act guarantees that our summaries don’t mirror the perspectives from one news source and are fair and unbiased. 

2. Extensively Researched and Unique Summaries: 

A. We ensure that each summary follows a rigorous research process. The first is a self-audit process whereby the maker of the summary surveys each article based on a deliberately structured framework which guarantees that the summary meets the content, creative and authenticity policy. 

B. We ensure that each summary posted by us follows a value added approach. We ensure our summaries are materially different from present content sources. We take great pride in providing our users with a holistic view of current affairs by tracking latest stories across multiple sources and creating well researched and informed summaries for the benefit of the readers. 

C: Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated.

D: Summaries are linked to articles covering the subject in details for the benefit of the readers. Since no singular source is used to create the content, these redirections don’t indicate source credits, These are only for the purpose of enabling readers to follow multiple perspectives on the subject of their interest.

3. Other Important Information: 

A. We pride our innovation and just as much regard the protected innovation of others. 

B. Our makers guarantee that pictures utilised for our summaries are either founded on open source material or utilised dependent on applicable usage licenses. 

C. Sources of the images are given due credit wherever necessary.

Last Updated on: 09/01/2020